About Me

I’ve loved photography as long as I can remember. As a kid I’d save my money to buy disposable cameras, take them to one-hour photo to get double copies developed, then pass them out to friends and family. I remember when digital cameras started becoming a thing. After receiving the latest and greatest film camera as a college graduation gift, my tech-savvy tween cousin took a photo with it and was really confused when the image didn’t pop up on the back. I guess I was behind the times!

After the birth of my daughter, Remy, I purchased a “fancy” digital camera and rediscovered my love of photography through taking photos of her, along with anyone who would let me and my camera into their world. Pretty soon friends began asking me to take their family photos and my portfolio (and lens collection) grew. I’m now the proud owner of a Nikon D750 full frame camera; I’ve come a long way from disposables!

My style is simple. I like to photograph in unique locations that reflect my subjects’ personalities. I like natural light, candid shots, minimal editing, soft backgrounds and vibrant colors.

Photography is a passion and a budding business venture for me. So what’s my day job? I’ve worked in the marketing and communications field for over 15 years and specialize in servicing the unique marketing and graphic design needs of small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

I live an outdoor-loving life in Boise, ID along with my husband, Matt, our daughter, Remy, and our newest addition to the family, baby Aksel, who arrived March 26, 2019.