The Nugent Family

Jamie, Jordan, and their two daughters - Annie and Bernie - invited me to their home on beautiful Harrison Blvd. in Boise to capture a few family photos on a sunny morning in July. We also ventured over to Coffee Paint Repeat in Meridian to snap some additional shots on their signature green couch. This was a long shoot for the little ones but they stuck it out like troopers!


Jeremy, Paddy and Beckett

Talk about a fun dad. Jeremy contacted me to capture some photos of he and his boys and they couldn’t have been more delightful to work with. While the boys were all smiles for the camera, what you don’t see is the intermittent running off to play with sticks, wrestle, and explore the cool barns and grounds around Hidden Springs. Dad Jeremy always managed to get the boys back in front of the camera for a few more shots until we had it just right.


Zelda and her Parents

Zelda and her parents, Stacey and Drew, are north-enders who love downtown Boise and its vibrant local arts scene. That’s why we chose Boise’s colorful public art venue, Freak Alley, for their family photo shoot. Zelda even let her mom and dad in some of the shots. I love the bold colors, textured backgrounds and candid shots.


Glo, Tad, Olivia & Emmy

The holidays are such a festive time for family photo shoots. Glo and her photogenic family needed some shots for their Christmas card, so we headed to a tree farm near their Meridian home. We even managed to get a cameo from their furry family member, Carl. I love how the bright colors of their outfits pop in contrast with the light of this early winter day.


The Denker Family

The Denkers were one of my first family photo shoots. They’d never had family photos taken before but you’d never know it! They were so relaxed in front of the camera. Combined with the beautiful fall day at Barber Park, their pictures turned out beautifully.


The Millers

After a few year hiatus in California, my friend Tahnee and her beautifully blended family returned to Boise and wanted to capture some family photos near their new home along the greenbelt. Little Eli was a quick moving subject and Dad liked to close his eyes a lot, but in the end we got some keepers!


The Walkers

Take two loving and fun parents, add two enthusiastic kiddos and some dappled early evening light in Boise’s Barber Park, and you end up with some great shots. I really enjoyed seeing their animated personalities shine.


Harmony, Aaron, and Baby Edward

These cuties were willing to brave some low December temps to get their first pics as a family. We shot these photos in and around the Grove in downtown Boise. Three-month-old Edward was definitely feeling the holiday spirit!


My Family

My love of photography was reignited after the birth of my daughter, Remy. An active kid who’s often hard to catch, she makes for a fun (and challenging) subject. And yes, those blue eyes are real! I even manage to catch Dad in a few pictures once in a while. We recently added baby Aksel to the mix, who thankfully is too little to run away from my camera…yet.